Return and Exchange Policy

We at the Celebs Movie Jackets, make sure our customers get exactly what they ordered so that both we and customers do not have to face any sort of issues.  We deliver the stylish, trendy and reliable jackets and other products to our valued customers that are according to the needs of the customers and are customized the way the customers have placed the order and want their jackets to be in terms of size, color and fitting.

It is strictly suggested to our customers to select the exact same size they want and choose the size accordingly. Even if there is some issue in the size or in any aspect, we have the 15 days return policy and we expect your cooperation in this matter.

Some of the point of our return and exchange policy is as follows:

1. The size chart is present along with each product you view on our website; kindly choose your size according to it so you do not have to return the product. 

2. You will be responsible for paying return shipment and exchange shipment will be $50.

3. After 3 days Refunds are not acceptable, the product for color, material, or size changes.

4. No return or exchange will be provided to the customers that are buying more than one similar product at the same time. Different jackets will be dispatched separately.

5. If you order the same jackets with multiple sizes, return are not acceptable.

6. If you are planning to cancel your order for any reason, kindly keep the points mentioned below in your mind:

·         If you cancel your order within three days of its confirmation, twenty five percent from the total amount of the product will be deducted.

·         If the order is cancelled within a week or seven days forty five percent will be deducted from the total amount of the product.

·         No cancellation request will be considered after the seven days of placing the order.

1. Our quality assurance team checks the products before it is shipped. We make sure that the item being shipped is exactly the same as it is ordered by the customer and the product has no damage, wear or tear. If the item gets damaged while it was being shipped, kindly get back to us within the three days of its delivery.

2. Refund will only take place when your order does not deliver to you within twenty nine working days after your payment is confirmed. A customer can start counting this period of twenty nine working days after we receive the final payment confirmation from the customer. If the customer does not receive the shipment after six days of it being shipped, you can contact us and get your shipment tracking code and check the progress of your item.