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Bane Swedish Bomber Shearling Leather Jacket -35%
Swedish Bomber Shearling Bane Leather Jacket Think about how it looks on you? Let's discuss all ..
$199.00 $129.00
text_tax $129.00
Tom Cruise Top Gun Leather Jacket -56%
Top Gun Tom Cruise Maverick Bomber Brown Leather Jacket The time is over for daring men, Celeb..
$339.00 $149.00
text_tax $149.00
Blade Trinity Wesley Snipes Long Trench Coat -31%
Blade Wesley Snipes Trench Coatif you are looking for a leather trench coat, the Blade Wesley Snipe..
$289.00 $199.00
text_tax $199.00
Watchmen Rorschach Leather Trench Coat -37%
Watchmen Rorschach Brown Leather CoatRorschach is a character from the movie named Watchmen that wa..
$269.00 $169.00
text_tax $169.00
Cobra Kai Jacket -44%
The Karate Kid Johnny Lawrence Cobra Kai Red Leather JacketThe biker style is ideal for all the teen..
$249.00 $139.00
text_tax $139.00
Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Coat -61%
Kelly Reilly Yellowstone Season 3 Blue Beth Dutton CoatKelly Reilly introduced one of the most attra..
$309.00 $119.00
text_tax $119.00
Riverdale Polly Cooper Double Breasted Red Trench Coat -49%
Riverdale Polly Cooper Tiera Skovbye Double Breasted Red Trench CoatIf you want to feel warm and com..
$349.00 $179.00
text_tax $179.00
A2 Aviator Flight Military Pilot Bomber Brown Leather Jacket -38%
A2 Aviator Flight Military Pilot Bomber Brown Leather JacketA2 Aviator Flight Military Bomber Leathe..
$239.00 $149.00
text_tax $149.00
Bird Box Sandra Bullock Blue Coat -42%
Bird Box Sandra Bullock Blue CoatThis most amazing Bird Box Sandra Bullock Blue Coat is worn by San..
$289.00 $169.00
text_tax $169.00
Kingsman Roxy Coat New -12%
Sophie Cookson Kingsman The Golden Circle Black Trench Coat SPECIFICATION: Material: Cotton Fa..
$169.00 $149.00
text_tax $149.00
TVA Variant Jacket -47%
TV Series Loki 2021 Tom Hiddleston TVA Variant Brown JacketThe name of the newly launched TVA Varian..
$169.00 $89.00
text_tax $89.00
Taron Egerton Rocketman Denim Jacket -48%
Taron Egerton Rocketman Elton John Denim Jacket with PatchesHe guys we crafted blue outfit taken fro..
$289.00 $149.00
text_tax $149.00
Injustice 2 Joker Leather Coat -26%
Injustice 2 Joker Purple Trench CoatInjustice 2 Joker Coat is perfect for those who like to wear ne..
$189.00 $139.00
text_tax $139.00
WandaVision Wanda Maximoff Coat -26%
Elizabeth Olsen TV Series WandaVision Wanda Maximoff Blue Wool-Blend Coat ..
$169.00 $125.00
text_tax $125.00
Stargirl Henry King Brainwave Green Leather Coat -25%
Christopher James Stargirl Henry King Brainwave Mid-Length Green Leather Coat..
$199.00 $149.00
text_tax $149.00
WandaVision Scarlet Witch Coat -27%
Elizabeth Olsen WandaVision Scarlet Witch Printed Coat ..
$169.00 $123.00
text_tax $123.00
The Suicide Squad 2 Harley Quinn Jacket -54%
Margot Robbie Harley Quinn The Suicide Squad 2 Leather JacketThe character of Harley Quinn in the Su..
$299.00 $139.00
text_tax $139.00
Cameron Boyce Descendants 2 Carlos Jacket -35%
Carlos Descendants 2 Cameron Boyce JacketDescendants 2 Carlos Jacket is worn by Carlos which portra..
$229.00 $149.00
text_tax $149.00
Jack Torrance The Shining Jacket -39%
Jack Torrance The Shining Corduroy Jack Nicholson JacketUpdate your casual style by getting some vin..
$229.00 $139.00
text_tax $139.00
Peter Parker Spider Man Last Stand Jacket -48%
Spider Man Last Stand Peter Parker Leather JacketThis Spiderman Last Stand Jacket is basically desi..
$189.00 $99.00
text_tax $99.00
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Jackets have always been in trend for many years. A good quality, trendy and stylish jackets enhance your style statement and make you look and feel great while you are out with your friends, family or just having a good time with yourself alone.


We love following the trends that are set by our favourite celebs or characters in a movie or TV series, don't we? We just love their style statement and we love being and looking super cool and trendy like they appear in a movie. It is not necessarily important that if you wear the jackets, you end up looking like the bikers or rock stars. In this modern time, the jackets are designed the way that can make you look absolutely trendy and stylish.  


We, at celebs movie jackets, understands your needs and wants to help you out in finding your favourite movie jackets, celebrity leather jackets and other super cool jackets without wasting your time looking for the brands and shops from where you can get these amazing movie jackets. We provide the online shopping opportunity to the jacket lovers who want to check out and buy the jackets at the comfort of their home.


On this website, you will find a variety of movie and celebrity leather jackets of high quality that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. We have the jackets of many varieties, from men to women, from leather celebrity jackets to the movie jackets we have almost everything you need. We have the celebrity jackets, super hero jackets, biker jackets and much more.


Since many years, leather jackets are the most favourite jackets worn and loved by the consumers. The leather jacket trend basically took everyone by storm in the mid of 1900s.  Leather jackets are made up of tanned animal skin that human has been using to use as clothes since the beginning of time. The leather is considered as one of the best material used in clothes that can actually protect you from the extreme cold weather as it provides the warmth to the body and can help you in looking stylish and trendy with the comfort.


We have a wide range of the latest design jackets. We would love recommending you our Guardians of the Galaxy collection, Spiderman Homecoming Yellow Jacket, Star Lord Leather Jacket, Blade Runner 2049 Coat and our Star Wars jackets. Other than some of the mentioned jackets, we also have a wide range of other superhero jackets that are affordable and of good quality that can be checked out on the website. 


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