Delivery Information

We at Celeb Movie Jackets, make sure that our customers get their jackets within 5 to 8 working days. Once your item is shipped, we will let you know by sending you an email in order to update you with the information regarding the shipping. The Email you will receive will contain the update regarding your shipment and a number of days in which your item will probably arrive. If you do not get your item within the days mentioned in the email, kindly let us know by sending us the email. After we receive the email from you, we will get back to you with the shipment tracking code and will guide you regarding how to use it.

Kindly note that if the courier is not able to find the shipment or give you a specified date of delivery, the guarantee of the delivery will take the effect.


Our depot is overseas; all the order operations are carried out there and are delivered to its destination from the storehouse itself. FedEx and DHL are our reliable delivery partners as they ship all the orders. FedEx and DHL are the express shipments which denote as the shipment which can be tracked by our customers and by us. You can track your shipments with the help of the tracking number which we will be provided by the courier company. Tracking your shipment will keep you updated with the progress of your shipment and will also help you in knowing the exact day it will be shipped.

If you are not able to receive your parcel due to your daily routine priorities, you can leave a note at your door for the delivery guy to hand over your parcel to your neighbours.


The very moment you order is confirmed and is now inscribed in our system, you will receive a copy of the invoice through Email. If you do not receive any email after you have placed your order, it clearly means that your order is not yet enrolled in our computers. Kindly do not expect any delivery in such case.


If the courier company is not able to deliver you in the specified time given, the accredited will be transferred back into your credit card that is equitable to the quantity of your purchase or you can expect another shipment from us. Once you email us with your issue regarding the late delivery of your order, we will give you a tracking code and will provide you with the method of using it.


Once your order is shipped, we will send you an email with the details of the date when it is or was shipped along with the expected delivery date that is six to seven days from the day of shipment. Just to let our customers know that the delivery usually takes place in less than the days that are mentioned in the email.


If you receive your jacket that is damaged or has any issue, kindly contact us within three days after the delivery so that we can get back to you and resolve your issue.

For more info regarding our shipping and delivery policy, feel free to email us.